Into the fold: Basin and Range

17 thoughts on “Into the fold: Basin and Range”

  1. Nice. I’m a transplant from the Sonoran Desert to the West Cascades. A lot of what you had was on my mind yesterday slogging through snow and streams in an awakening forest, except I saw one more person than you did.

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    1. Mike. Thanks for your comment. A decade ago I was living in New Mexico, and was indoctrinated into the desert hiking club that year during my time traveling through Arizona and California as well. Nothing quite like experiencing the vastness for yourself up close.

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  2. those third and fourth frames down are exceptionally beautiful, I really like those. It sounds like you’ve dealt with a lot of post traumatic stress at least in part from this accident you’ve described in your other writing and I hope the thoughts and images you share here are contributing in some small part to whatever healing is left. although of course that’s a very linear way of describing things. it’s not so tidy, is it? At any rate, cheers to continued rewarding travels and exploring in your backyard

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  3. Oh my goodness. I came here ostensibly to leave a fairly standard thank you for your decision to follow Learning from Dogs. But then I saw what you had written and, also, the beautiful photographs you have taken. I was just bowled over!

    Do you have a dog or two? Because if you do I would love you to write a guest post over at my place. Or give me permission to republish one of your posts? But I would prefer the former.

    My dear wife, Jean, and me are both British. We met in Mexico in 2007 and I moved out permanently in late 2008 with my GSD Pharaoh. We came up to the USA in 2010 and were married and then came to Southern Oregon in 2012. We live close to Merlin, Josephine County and just love it to pieces. Originally we had 16 dogs but are now down to 6!

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    1. Paul, I enjoyed your comment so much. I am, tragically, allergic to dogs, and am unable to have one of my own. I must live vicariously through the lives of others, I’m afraid. You would be more than welcome to share one of my posts on you blog, I would be most honored.

      I had grand plans to spend some time down your way in Josephine county this fall. Hopefully I’ll be able to make them up soon and you’ll see some familiar landscapes in future posts.

      I hope you and your family are safe from the all fires and all this terrible smoke we are having.

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      1. What a shame about being allergic to dogs. I fell off my bike in 2017 and ended up in hospital. Strangely I became allergic to alcohol!

        Anyway, I will look through your posts and find one that I want to republish. Thank you and if you find yourself in the Merlin area please look us up. (But we do have dogs!) Email me paulhandover (at) gmail (dot) com

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    1. These photos are all from the SE corner of Oregon, reaching down into Northern Nevada. Hart Mountain, the Northern Warner Mountains, Abert Rim, Rabbit Hills, Summer Lake, and the formidable Catlow Valley.


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