Dream to remember; remember to dream.

58 thoughts on “Dream to remember; remember to dream.”

      1. Many thanks goes out to you for creating the desire within to journey out from my four walls into nature. To sit and watch the waterfalls again, listen to the songs of birds and just generally enjoy the peaceful serenity of God’s creation. I used to do that often years ago. It’s easy to forget the simple things in life that brings inner peace.

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  1. Not sure about stretching my body in a rock, but you did say something at the end about keeping new memories in your heart and leave the bad ones out, that made sense. Beutiful pictures, great story and I have to go to that place, seems peaceful.

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  2. There are wonderful places on this beautiful planet. Gaia gives us dreamlike landscapes, which can be described very poetically, as you did.
    Serenity and the wish that with your Landcruiser you can visit others, and then share your emotions with us. :-)c

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      1. It’s a word now 😄 and perfectly sounds like a crow crowing ! 👌🏻

        Great blog by the way, beautiful words and pictures. Thanks for your follow too.

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  3. The region you show reminds me of the Rogue, where I felt in heaven-in a cabin that was four times what I needed, yet overlooking Rogue River Gorge. I hope and pray that the cabins have survived the fire-and that your area has survived, as well.

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  4. What a great place for a nap! You’ve reminded me to continue to seek those euphoric places before exhaustion where we can rest and soak in the experience. Thank you for sharing this beautiful journey. I love the photos!

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  5. Wow! Bravo! Absolutely refreshing. I felt like I was there. What an adventure. You are a young female version of me, an old man who loves nature, Mother Earth and solitude. Look forward to reading more of your blogs. Thanks for sharing.

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