Nestucca, Never Home

21 thoughts on “Nestucca, Never Home”

  1. Gorgeous! That green lushness, too. Oh my.

    Until I saw bare branches and frost in the last photos, I figured you had snapped the pictures last summer. A vibrant world we Back East only can imagine in mid-January.

    That’s only part of it, too. Your exquisite, poetic narrative that captivates the imagination much in the same way your pictures engage the eye. Superb.

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  2. I wondered if this was Oregon, Norther. I’ve lived in Portland then moved to Cottage Grove and traveled throughout most of the southern half of Oregon as some point in my life. Beautiful pictures and lovely descriptions. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog as well. I have a few posts about OR, it’s still a favorite spot to visit as my brother still lives in Portland.

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  3. This is incredibly well written. The photos are amazing, and the descriptive word imagery drew me to where it seemed I was right there. Feeling the humid, misty air, observing the salmon in the water and smelling the rich, earthy scent of clay and mud.

    Nature is so powerful. Thank you for sharing this! 😀🌳

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