The Ghosts of Giants

25 thoughts on “The Ghosts of Giants”

  1. This piece perfectly captures the ambiance of our old growth forests, and of the crimes against nature that disconnected souls continue to foist on society, with their argument that raising large amounts of money is all that matters. May you long remain a voice for the plants and animals who deserve far better, than what they get from the disconnected ones.

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  2. Norther, just superb. Literature, really. ‘headstones in a forest cemetery’ is a beautiful and tragic phrase. You give clarity to the feelings we nature lovers all have but can’t express with your eloquence.

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  3. This is so well written. It has got to be so hard to witness massive stumps like that. And try to imagine what it would have been like in its untouched by man glory. I’m glad that the peaks and valleys, which are more inaccessible are still around. It must be so beautiful to have all your senses take it all in. 🌲😀

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