I could not move you.

10 thoughts on “I could not move you.”

    1. If you like to wait in line, buy a ticket. If you like to study, get a college degree. If you want to make a difference, opportunities abound.

      If you want to find your flow, just go. Go do something that makes you uncomfortable and prepare to receive the lessons of the journey.

      You can’t get into the flow, the flow is already in you. Learning to drop takes only practice.

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  1. Such ambiguous words to speak out loud. Why were they said and for how many ma’am? Is it not that you have emptied yourself in that day so you could have space enough to contain something far more in the distance? You should never have to try to move that which should already moving with you. I enjoy your writing, I know there is more to it than just the letters. Where are those writings?

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