Finding Your Forest Home

12 thoughts on “Finding Your Forest Home”

      1. That makes it easy. I wear black for everything. I don’t have to think about what to wear from one day to the next.


  1. I run in the forest that borders my county. Nothing feels as invigorating as running for ninety minutes or so knowing that I’m literally alone. No other cars at the trailhead, no sign of people the whole time I’m there. I know this is ridiculous, but the only drawback is that from time to time I catch myself looking over my shoulder worried about zombies.

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  2. Very nice post and way of expressing your “feelings” about being in the forest!

    and I fully agree with your following statement: “I roam without a destination, there is no summit or final mileage goal, there is no finish line to reach.”.

    Thanks for this nice post.

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