A Place Inside

6 thoughts on “A Place Inside”

  1. Entropy — those rock, in stops and starts, have been in motion for centuries. Fortunate that you were present to see a burst of movement. You’ve done a nice job of setting the scene and bringing your readers on your hike. A piece like this is worth a thousand pictures.


  2. Oh yes, my favorite word painting of yours so far. Your simple, elegant phrasing puts the reader right there in the moment with you. And your closing sentence is quite beautiful. Well done, I admire your deep connection to the natural world. Mark Darnell

    On Tue, Mar 1, 2022 at 9:07 PM church ov solitude wrote:

    > Norther posted: ” The rain had just begun to fall as I stepped out of my > car; I could see the drops dancing across the surface of the river even > before I felt them hit my skin. Stepping between the boulders that > demarcated the end of the road, I wound my way along” >

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