Canyon and Coulee

5 thoughts on “Canyon and Coulee”

  1. Awesome. I love your writing, your descriptions of the land and of your asdventures. Where was this awesome place? Living in the Four Corners area, it reminds me of many of so many of our ruggedly beautiful areas. Thanks for sharing. Hope your chin heals quickly and well.


  2. Love this. Your writing always enlightens me, gives me hope about the search so many people have abandoned in their own lives. Actually thought about your writing moving four months ago from Colorado to the Tri – Cities area of Washington. Passed through some of your lands of Eastern Oregon. Thank you.


  3. This is such descriptive writing. I felt like I was right there as I took the tumble, and as you cleaned the wounds and bandaged it all up. Hope everything healed up nicely! 🙏


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